The Schuylkill 16 2010-11: Week 12

I like to think that the Schuylkill 16 is reasonably democratic. Yes, I pick out what comments to feature, but I don't tell people how to vote or what to say about the teams.

So I'm going to just keep my mouth shut and let you all judge this week's ranking for yourselves.

1. Villanova, 16 points (14 first-place votes)
- "Ok, let's hear it. The Nova Nation crumbles with two losses this past week. Still the best team in the East. Heck, Duke lost this weekend and Syracuse is in freefall. Everyone stay calm." (Ralph Manoppello)
- "I ALMOST have the chance to vote Villanova No. 2. But not yet." (Zach Ceitlin)

2. Temple, 35 points

3. Penn State, 62 points
- "Dare I put my trust in Penn State? Still scanning the schedule for another Maine." (Tim AumAn)
- "In the latest bracketology, Penn State had a 40% chance to make the tournament. That's 39% higher than the chances of Joe Paterno retiring before he becomes completely senile." (Zach Klitzman)

4. Drexel, 68 points
- "Drexel was able to tread water through the tough part of the CAA schedule... look for them to make a move toward the top of the standings for the second half of the season." (Marshall Fleming)
- "Bruiser, pray that the NIT calls you for a game." (Ralph Manoppello)

5. Rutgers, 97 points
- "The RAC almost got Pitt. By the way, I'm in love with a Jersey Girl." (Pat Flannery)

6. Princeton, 103 points

7. Bucknell, 114 points
- "How patriotic of Bucknell to have its nine-game winning streak end at Army." (Zach Klitzman)

8. La Salle, 115 points (1 first-place vote)
- "Props to La Salle, three wins in a row gets them to .500. Hey, it's a start!" (Ralph Manoppello)

I said I'd keep quiet, but I should point out that this was not the voter who put La Salle first.

t-9. Penn, 140 points
- "Penn is 2-0 in the Ivy. I swear, if they somehow win the league and make it to the NCAA tournament, I quit. I will officially quit." (Marshall Fleming)
- "Penn is now playing where they belong. The smart boy conference. At least they can spell RPI or NIT or RIP" (Pat Flannery)

t-9. Rider, 140 points

11. Delaware, 146 points
- "After losing games to James Madison and to George Mason for the second time this year in the last nine days, Delaware is glad there's no University named after Button Gwinnett." (Zach Klitzman)

12. Lehigh, 192 points

13. Lafayette, 192 points

14. Delaware State, 209 points

15. Saint Joseph's, 210 points
- "I'm up in a tree watching Martelli's house. He's watching Hogan's Heroes. Bet it all on Richmond this weekend." (Big5Fan)
- "This is my first Schuylkill 16 ballot since December, as I took off January. Apparently so did the St. Joe's Hawks." (Zach Klitzman)

16. Monmouth, 224 points
- "I'm inching Monmouth out of the cellar because at least they've won in 2011 - something St. Joe's can't claim." (Jon Solomon)
- "Monmouth almost did the unthinkable and win two straight games!" (Zackh Klitzman)


- "At No. 4 for beating 'Nova. Must be consistent, wrote them in for beating Louisville last week." (Pat Flannery)

St. John's
- "No. 2, for a superb effort against the Blue Blooded Duke menaces." (Pat Flannery)
- "No. 1 in my heart. Any team that beats Duke by 15 gets my vote, and they're clearly the best SJU in the country. Plus, the school is closer to Philadelphia than Penn State and Bucknell." (Zach Klitzman)

Comment of the week from Carl Minniti

Say what you will about this young St. Joe's team, but one thing is for certain: Ronald Roberts Jr. makes me proud to be a Hawk. The kid's got an engine fit for a Range Rover and hops fit for the world's finest beer. Oh, and touché, Temple.