Spectacle of the Week

I bring you this week's poll knowing full well that nothing can compare to what the Phillies gave us last night.

A shoutout to the hundreds of Drexel students who paraded down Market Street at around 1 a.m., cheering so loudly that I could hear them from my desk on the 35th floor of the office building that houses Philly.com. I actually went downstairs to try to shoot some video, but the lighting didn't work out.

So we turn our attention back to football and unfortunately I won't be able to chat on Saturday afternoon as I had said earlier. But next week is still on. I've been asked to cover the Columbia-Penn game for the Inquirer, so we will have a chat tomorrow.


What's the Spectacle of the Week?

We might not have had much to talk about this week anyway, because there aren't that many big games. But at least there are four matchups between ranked teams.

The Big 12 gives us arguably the weekend's two biggest showdowns, as No. 16 Kansas travels to No. 4 Oklahoma in the afternoon and No. 11 Missouri visits No. 1 Texas in prime time. The Big Ten gives us No. 12 Ohio State at No. 20 Michigan State, and the SEC has No. 22 Vanderbilt at No. 10 Georgia - though that game is not nationally televised.

With that said, my vote goes to Michigan at Penn State. I have a hunch that many of you will agree.