Spectacle of the Week

Okay, back to football for a while. The final results of the Villanova poll are in, and you voted for Chris Whitney, 28-21.

What's the Spectacle of the Week?

  • 10 (26.3%)
  • 4 (10.5%)
  • 6 (15.8%)
  • 10 (26.3%)
  • 1 (2.6%)
  • 7 (18.4%)
  • 38

This week's Spectacle of the Week poll includes a blackout in Georgia, a whiteout in State College, a rivalry game in Ann Arbor and a No. 1-ranked team on the Main Line. Have your say at the ballot box and in the comments.

I'll be back Saturday afternoon from the Linc, where I'll be covering Western Michigan-Temple. Join me for a live chat during the game about the Owls' conference opener my lack of math skills and knowledge of the Mid-American Conference, as well as the Phillies and whatever other games you'll be watching this weekend.