Schuylkill 16 Week 3: Stuffed full of hoops

I figure one or two of you might be sitting around this morning looking for something to read before stuffing yourselves full of poultry and bread crumbs. So here, a few hours later than I hoped, is the latest edition of the Schuylkill 16.

Best wishes to all of you for a happy Thanksgiving, whether your ball of choice is black and orange or black and white. I'm covering no fewer than eight games this weekend, starting with a tripleheader Friday at the Philly Classic. There will be coverage of each, and live blogging of games involving the City Six schools. I hope you'll join me.

Friday, November 25

3:00 p.m.: Brown vs. University of the Sciences
5:30 p.m.: St. John's vs. Siena
8:00 p.m.: Virginia Tech vs. Temple

Saturday, November 28

3:30 p.m.: La Salle at Villanova
6:15 p.m.: Delaware vs. Virginia Tech (Philly Classic)
8:30 p.m.: Temple vs. St. John's (Philly Classic)

I might also be at the Holy Cross-Villanova football game, which kicks off at noon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 29

12:00 p.m.: Toledo vs. Vermont at Drexel (Legends Classic)
2:30 p.m.: Cornell at Drexel (Legends Classic)

With that out of the way...

1. Villanova, 18 points (16 first-place votes)
- "Hate to say it, but they just keep impressing me. They beat you inside, outside, and up and down the floor." (Rob Falcone)
- "Imagine how good this team would be right now if Reggie Redding had a more normal vice, like womanizing or chain smoking." (Zach Klitzman)

I had that incorrectly attributed at first, but Brian was gracious enough to let me know that he would have said it anyway.

2. Temple, 43 points
- "Big win against Siena. A couple more against some power conference teams in the Philly Classic this weekend will help come March." (Nick Catrambone)
- "Temple and Georgetown set the game back a century with a combined score less than 100." (Patrick Carney)

3. La Salle, 54 points (1 first-place vote)
- "Can they give 'Nova a game?" (Rob Falcone)
- "Rodney Green can make a serious case for Big 5 POY this Saturday." (Nick Catrambone)

For the second consecutive poll, Nick offered a comment on almost all of the 16 schools. That's dedication.

4. Saint Joseph's, 69 points
- "SJU gets bumped up to 4th for the BC win and looking good against Purdue for a half, even after a less than stellar showing vs. DePaul." (Brian O'Neill)
- "Carl "Tay" Jones has looked, at times, to have the potential to be the best guard on Hawk Hill since #14." Patrick Carney)

5. Penn State, 93 points
- "Why does PSU always play like a turkey in fall tourneys?" (Timothy AumAn)
- "Huge drop-off for me after #4. I can't imagine putting a different team in the Top 4 all season." (Todd Falkenberg)

6. Drexel, 139 points
- "I've always thought Bruiser Flint sounded like a bad guy from a bad 80s action movie." (Zach Klitzman)
- "Can we get a poll for best dressed coach in the S-16? Give me Bruiser over Jay in a close match." (Rob Falcone)

We might have to do that, but I don't think Bruiser would win.

7. Rutgers, 140 points
- "Almost lost to Marist and Drexel before UVM finally got them. The Scarlet Knights are toast once Big East play starts." (Nick Catrambone)

8. Rider, 146 points
- "I was feeling great about putting Rider where I did after that Mississippi State win. Not so much after the loss to Virginia." (Brian O'Neill)

9. Bucknell, 172 points

t-10. Delaware, 183 points
- "Jawan Carter still shooting free throws at the Palestra." (Jeff Shafer)

The Blue Hens do play there this weekend. I'll ask Carter if he ever left.

t-10. Lehigh, 183 points

12. Princeton, 186 points

13. Lafayette, 204 points
- "Ricky Vaughn? Willie Hayes? Jared Mintz? I've never heard of half of these guys. Mintz is filling up the stat sheet and the Leopards are rolling. "

14. Penn, 210 points
- "All-time record for losses in a season against the S-16 is 10, right? I fear that one might be broken this year." (Jeff Shafer)
- "I'm specifically making this pick before the Penn-Drexel game, so I can say this: If Penn loses to Drexel, I will refer to the Palestra as "Not Daskalakis" for the rest of the season." (Noah Rosenstein)

That will be a while.

- "Sorry that I could not wait for the Drexel-Penn game.....I'm headed to a cabin that is way off the grid for the holiday."

You didn't miss anything.

15. Monmouth, 228 points

16. Delaware State, 244 points
- "When they beat a Division I school, I'll pay attention"

That's the holiday spirit.