Schuylkill 16 Poll Week 13: Earning stripes

Before we get to the rankings, we've arrived at the Fantasy HORSE Invitational championship game. It pits Kentucky's Jodie Meeks against Temple's Dionte Christmas. Voting will be open until tipoff of the Temple-St. Joe's game on Thursday.

Also, it looks like comments are back. Thanks for bearing with us as we shoo the gremlins of the rafters.

Now we turn to the poll results, and Villanova reigns again after taking all the first-place votes. The more interesting news is in second place, where Temple jumped over Penn State after the Nittany Lions lost to Michigan and Wisconsin.

Also of note, we have only the second tie in Schuylkill 16 history: St. Joe's and Penn State are level on 37 points in third place. But the gap between Temple and the Lions-Hawks duet is a whopping 12 points. How much of an effect on that gap would a St. Joe's win Thursday night have?


Fantasy HORSE Invitational Championship

But the biggest news of all is the aftershock of Princeton's sweep of Columbia and Cornell. The Tigers jumped from 12th place to 9th place this week, and the buzz in Old Nassau will continue growing if they remain the Ivy League's lone unbeaten team.

Your statistical side dish this week is the RPI as calculated by Since I only have the free version right now, the numbers do not include tonight's games. But that's fair to our poll voters, who cast their ballots without factoring in tonight's action as well.

1. Villanova, 11 points (12)
- "Who said 'Nova can't get that big win? Good to see the Wildcats playing up to their potential." (Josh Wheeling)
- "Villanova and Princeton: the only two tournament teams in the region? Blue collar fans weep." (Fred D.)

2. Temple, 25 points (44)
- "Olmos had a great game at Xavier, but Christmas didn't do too much. I know they focused on him a lot, but can the Big 5's 'best player' be this inconsistent?" (Josh Wheeling)

t-3. Saint Joseph's, 37 points (71)

I used RPI as the tiebreaker for listing purposes.

t-3. Penn State, 37 points (84)
- "Both losses weren't bad, but would have liked to see them pull off one of them. Wisconsin is good, but was 2-5 on the road before the Penn State game." (Josh Wheeling)
- "Can't spell Nittany Lions without ... N-I-T." (Jeff Shafer)

A point of fact if ever there was, but there's plenty of time left in the season to make another statement.

5. La Salle, 58 points (110)

6. Drexel, 76 points (119)
- "What's that sound from CAA land? That would be a thousand 'I told you so's' " (Jeff Shafer)

7. Rider, 80 points (140)

8. Rutgers, 87 points (162)

9. Princeton, 102 points (250)
- "I never thought we would see the Tigers climb above No. 14 all season, but they produced the biggest "holy crap" win of the S-16 season with the win over Cornell." (Marco Anskis)
- "Well, at least something makes sense in the Ivy League this year." (Jeff Shafer)

I'll be at Jadwin Gym next Tuesday for Penn-Princeton. If the Tigers truly are back to prominence, there's no better game in which to prove it than the visit of their old rival.

10. Delaware, 107 points (233)

11. Lehigh, 115 points (225)

12. Penn, 131 points (251)
- "Any D-I team that knows how to pump fake is guaranteed at least 80 points against Penn."(Josh Wheeling)
- "I think Penn's truly earned the bottom spot in the last three games. Definitely a low point for the program right now." (Fred D.)

13. Bucknell, 147 points (299)

14. Lafayette, 149 points (316)

15. Delaware State, 166 points (283)
- "Del. St. & Monmouth out; #15 Kutztown, #16 Philadelphia U" (Tim AumAn)

Props for Herb Magee are always welcome.

16. Monmouth, 168 points (329)
- "Lost to the only team in Division-I history to lose to NJIT. Enough said." (Jeff Shafer)

A good way to end tonight's post.