Sagarin predictions for today's games

It's a relatively quiet weekend on the local college football scene, as none of the region's Division I teams are playing at home. Temple is at Northern Illinois, Penn is at Bucknell, and Villanova has a bye week. The closest Division I-A home games to us are Penn State's homecoming clash with Illinois and Rutgers' Big East opener against Connecticut, the latter of which took place last night.

So we'll keep this post short, and just run through the Sagarin ratings and predictions. Enjoy today's games, and feel free to share your thoughts on the action in the comments.

Local Sagarin ratings

32. Penn State (22-22-27-24-10)
48. Delaware (66-92-65-106-112)
56. Temple (50-46-60-59-99)
77. Villanova (72-69-71-104-64)
86. Rutgers (67-53-57-39-60)
140. Penn (131-131-128-130-135)
168. Lehigh (162-168-143-146)
201. Princeton (181-208-187-189-187)
207. Lafayette (198-204-220-141-156)
230. Delaware State (227-221-222-220-204)
237. Bucknell (238-235-235-230-213)

Of note, Delaware is the top-ranked I-AA team in Sagarin. Among the I-A teams ranked below the Blue Hens are Washington, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Navy and Boston College.

Sagarin predictions for selected games

I-A rankings by the AP, I-AA rankings by The Sports Network

Illinois at Penn State (12:00 p.m., ESPN2): Penn State by 10 (78.83 + 3.00 to 72.14)
Temple at Northern Illinois (12:00 p.m., WPVI-6): Temple by 4 (73.06 to 66.47 + 3.00)
Penn at Bucknell (1:00 p.m., no TV): Penn by 25 (54.97 to 26.54 + 3.00)

No. 1 Alabama at No. 19 South Carolina (3:30 p.m., CBS): Alabama by 14 (97.96 to 81.35 + 3.00)
No. 17 Michigan State at No. 18 Michigan (3:30 p.m., ABC): Michigan by 5 (81.82 + 3.00 to 79.92)
No. 23 Florida State at 13 Miami (Fla.) (8:00 p.m., ABC): Miami by 3 (86.59 plus 3.00 to 86.28)

For the record, the top five I-A schools in Sagarin are Alabama, Oregon, Boise State, Florida and Oklahoma. Miami is No. 10 and Florida State is No. 11.

Oregon's Sagarin rating number is 92.58 and Boise State's is 92.57. Think there's any way the Broncos jump over the Ducks if the two teams remain undefeated?