Potential side effect of Delaware sports gambling

I know there are some readers of this blog who follow Delaware football, but this could have an effect across the country in Division I-AA football.

According to the Washington Post's Recruiting Insider blog, if Delaware officially legalizes sports gambling, the NCAA could ban all of the state's college programs from hosting postseason games.

The most significant impact would be that the Blue Hens would not be allowed to host I-AA football playoff games. That would affect not only the athletic department's bank balance, but also the football playoffs' competitive balance. Delaware makes the postseason pretty often, and their success has given them a lot of home games over the years.

I'm sure other teams at the school would be affected too, as would Delaware State's program. And as the Post's blogger, Josh Barr, notes, it could become a recruiting hindrance as well.

I'm not going to take a side on whether Delaware should legalize sports gambling, but I figured I should at least take note of this potential consequence of doing so.

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