Obama has Villanova in Final Four

Among the many tasks I've done while at Philly.com is moderating comments on our site's blog posts and news articles. So I have a hunch that what I'm about to write will generate a rather substantial reaction.

President Obama has picked Villanova to go to the Final Four.

For the second year in a row, Obama has sent his bracket to ESPN for public consumption. This year, he has filled out a bracket for the women's field as well.

As of now, ESPN has only released the teams Obama has in the tournaments' respective Final Fours. On the men's side, he has Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky and Villanova. On the women's side, he has Connecticut, Stanford, Notre Dame and Tennessee.

Obama's full men's bracket will be released tomorrow at noon. His women's bracket will be released Friday at 9 a.m.

I will now get out of the way.