Not again!

Is this really going to happen for the second year in a row?

(Written before the game ended. Honestly.)

Update 1: Gerald Henderson, of all people! The Episcopal grad now four seconds away from being the hero!

Update 2: Was that really a jump ball? I'm not so sure:

Update 3: DeMarcus Nelson steals the inbounds pass. Gutsy play by the senior, and there's the big mistake that always seems to be the difference in games like this.

Update 4: Nelson misses the free throw and Belmont gets the rebound! And surely there are more than 1.7 seconds left. Will the upset happen?

Update 5: Is Bryce Drew really in the building?

FINAL: Oh, Justin Hare's shot only missed by a few inches. Holy cow.

Duke escapes, and the Philly guy gets the game-winner.

So the chalk keeps rolling, with the possible exception of Kansas State's upset-by-seed of USC.

Question of the night: What's more fun, getting your bracket right or seeing a big upset?