Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Name Philadelphia's MLS team

Philly.com is home to the official contest.

Name Philadelphia's MLS team

Taking a diversion to soccer for a moment...

I've been asked many times what I think the name of Philadelphia's forthcoming Major League Soccer team should be.

Honestly, what has mattered to me the most over time is that the city has a team, not that it has any particular name.

But now, you all have the chance to take matters into your own hands.

Philly.com is hosting the official name-the-team contest. The choices are SC (short for Soccer Club), AC (Athletic Club), City, Union or a fill-in-the-blank. I don't have any objection to any of them, but at the moment, I don't want to endorse a particular name either.

Having said that, I encourage you all to cast ballots, and to let me know in the comments here who you voted for and why.

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