Morning glory

Let me start by stating that I work a night shift at So when word came that Temple and Villanova would be holding a press conference at 8:30 this morning at City Hall to promote their upcoming football game, I wasn't exactly  pleased.

But I’m not one of those sportswriters who believes that the rest of the world’s schedules must revolve around theirs (I’m sure you’re shocked to hear that such people exist). So I got myself out of bed at a reasonable hour for once and made my way to Broad Street.

You’ve probably seen the billboards and newspaper ads promoting the game as the Mayor’s Cup. If you’re going to play for a trophy of that name, it helps to have the actual mayor involved. Lo and behold, there was Mayor Nutter joining Al Golden and Andy Talley in front of the cameras.

Perhaps Nutter came down with an interest in college football while in Kentucky yesterday. The Penn grad watched some pretty bad football during his college years, as the Quakers’ best Ivy record while he was there was 4-3 in 1977.

Or maybe there are better motives relating to building community and role models and all that other stuff Nutter talked about as I got my camera set up. I’ll leave that stuff to the politics bloggers.

Let’s focus on the actual football for a moment. In the video you’ll see below, Golden is pretty blunt about the Owls and Wildcats being evenly matched. As he wasn’t at Temple the last time the two teams played, it’s interesting to hear him say that “there is no gap” between the programs.

Which team do you think will win?