KYW's broadcast schedule for the first round

Philly Hoops Insider beat me to posting the schedule of first-round NCAA Tournament games that KYW will air. Of course, CBS will move all over the place, but the games below will be the primary broadcasts here.

By the way, it's worth noting that the Daily News got this information out before KYW got it on its own website...


12:20 p.m.: 8. Louisiana State vs. 9. Butler / South Region in Greensboro, N.C. (Jim Nantz and Clark Kellog)
3:00 p.m.: 1. Connecticut vs. 16. Chattanooga / East Region in Philadelphia, Pa. (Dick Enberg or Carter Blackburn and Jay Bilas)
7:20 p.m.: 3. Villanova vs. 14. American / East Region in Philadelphia, Pa. (Dick Enberg or Carter Blackburn and Jay Bilas)
9:40 p.m.: 2. Duke vs. 15. Binghamton / South Region in Greensboro, N.C. (Jim Nantz and Clark Kellog)


12:15 p.m.: 3. Syracuse vs. 14. Stephen F. Austin / South Region in Miami, Fla. (Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel)
2:35 p.m.: 6. Arizona State vs. 11. Temple / South Region in Miami, Fla. (Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel)
7:10 p.m.: 1. Louisville vs. #16a. Alabama State or 16b. Morehead State / Midwest Region in Dayton, Ohio (Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery)
9:30 p.m.: 8. Ohio State vs. 9. Siena / Midwest Region in Dayton, Ohio (Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery)

My thoughts on all this:

- I don't know whether Enberg and Blackburn will call one game of each doubleheader, or whether one will do both afternoon games and one will do both night games. I can't help thinking, though, that the latter will be the case. Villanova-American is bigger than either afternoon game, and deserves having Enberg at the mic. Enberg also has a long history of calling UCLA games, so if they do split the doubleheaders I'm sure he'll get that one.

- You might think it surprising that we aren't getting all four Philadelphia games, but LSU-Butler will be much more interesting than BYU-Texas A&M in the same timeslot.

- Connecticut-Chattanooga will be a blowout, but local fans will get to see Terrell Owens' alma mater on TV. Purdue-Northern Iowa and California-Maryland are both in the same timeslot, and both will probably be better games. The first of those could be an upset, even as well as the Boilermakers are playing right now.

- No question about Villanova-American, and you can be sure we'll get the whole of that game no matter the final score. It's probably the best game in that timeslot too.

- Did you ever doubt that Duke is a national program? The Blue Devils have the prime slot on Thursday for a nationwide broadcast, and we aren't getting it just because of Gerald Henderson. UCLA-VCU will be a much better game, and it's a shame that only the fans in the Wachovia Center will see the whole thing. But the Duke game should tip off 10 minutes after UCLA-VCU starts, which means we should see the ends of both.

- Temple fans get something that Villanova fans don't, which is the ability to see the team they'd play in the next round on TV. Of course, Syracuse has a legitimate following in the Philadelphia area and a number of players from here as well, so it's not too surprising that we'll get this game. But two of the bigggest Cinderellas in the tournament will be playing at the same time: North Dakota State against Kansas and Utah State against Marquette.

- Missouri-Cornell and West Virginia-Dayton are at the same time as Arizona State-Temple. Yes, I'll live without watching the Big Red, but the Flyers could make things interesting for the Mountaineers for a few minutes. Nonetheless, the Owls' turn on the dance floor will rightly command our attention.

- None of the games in the first Friday night block are all that great. Louisville is the No. 1 overall seed, and thus gets pride of place on TV. This will also be our first chance to hear from Messrs. Lundquist and Raftery. It wouldn't surprise me, though, if we end the block in Boise with Xavier-Portland State. I've heard a few people mention this as an upset possibility and that game tips off 15 minutes after the one we'll be getting.

- Ohio State-Siena is the best of the games in its block, and the Saints have plenty of Philly ties as we know. So no complaints with that choice.

I'll be back soon with my projections for the Midwest region. I hope to get them up ASAP, because you deserve to have them before the play-in game tips off.