Is there a Spectacle of the Week?

I'm tempted to give it to the Phillies' parade in a walkover, but baseball remains ineligible to compete in a football-related poll.

Texas-Texas Tech and Florida-Georgia are huge, of course, but there's little else to choose from. Heck, the Brown-Penn game is on national television.

So back to baseball, then. I was interviewed for the World Series celebration edition of the On the DL Podcast, which is definitely the biggest media stage I've been on yet. The show will be available Friday morning for you to download at this link.


What's the Spectacle of the Week?

For now, I'm off to sleep so that I can get to Broad Street at a decent hour for the parade. I'll be doing video features for throughout the afternoon, and I'm really looking forward to soaking in the atmosphere at what will be one heck of a party.

If you're going to the parade as well, post a comment on here and let me know where you'll be watching from. I'll try to find you.