Glen Miller to make $120,000 at UConn

Former Penn coach Glen Miller was oficially introduced as Connecticut's new director of basketball operations last week. Miller spoke with UConn beat writers after the announcement, and the resulting stories gave us some new information about what he'll be doing in Storrs.

Here's how the New Haven Register described the job:

What exactly Miller’s duties will be in the newly re-titled position haven’t been clearly defined. He calls himself a “utility guy,” and he’ll be a liaison between the program and the athletics department’s compliance and business offices, while also being involved in staff meetings, drawing up game plans, Xs and Os, and many other things.

Two things Miller will not be able to do are on-floor coaching (in games or practices) and recruiting.   

“It is what it is,” Miller told the Register. “It’s a step backward, the first time I’ve had to experience a step back like this, but I’m just very excited to get this opportunity."

In an interview with the Hartford Courant, Miller admitted that "the windshield is a lot bigger than the rearview mirror, but that was the first time in my career that there was a failure, for whatever reason."

"I just want to be a connector between the basketball office and who we have to work with on campus, and alumni and everybody else," he said later in the story. "It's going to require me to be very organized and be a great communicator."

Call it a hunch on my part that some of you might try to draw an inference about those quotes. So be it.

Miller certainly got a strong endorsement from Jim Calhoun.

"Things changed at Penn, but ... he's a terrific hire, one of the best shooting teachers I've ever been involved with," Calhoun said. "And he's just a great guy."

With the endorsement came a sizeable paycheck: $120,000 for a one-year deal. I've been told by people who know the Big East well that such a salary isn't unusual for that position in the conference. But compared to what head coaches in the Ivy League make, even at Penn, it's a pretty good haul.