Game 3: Georgetown 46, Temple 45

WASHINGTON - Greetings from the Verizon Center, where we're set for a game full of interesting matchups.

In the frontcourt, Lavoy Allen will get one of his toughest tests of the season from Greg Monroe. It will be a lot of fun to watch both of these skilled big men go to work under the basket.

In the backcourt Juan Fernandez and Ryan Brooks will face off against Austin Freeman and Chris Wright. The latter pair have been in the spotlight ever since they arrived at the Hilltop, having been high school stars in the D.C. area. But they also bore the brunt of the pressure after the Hoyas missed the NCAA Tournament last season.

Then there's the bench, and a duel that probably fascinates me more than the rest of you. But it's of consequence. This is the first time since John Thompson III left Princeton five years ago that he's matching wits with Fran Dunphy.

The two coaches had some great games in their Ivy League days. Their teams aren't as evenly matched now as they were then, but Dunphy probably knows Thompson's system better than anyone else.

To be honest, I never thought these two teams would play each other with Dunphy and Thompson in charge. There's nothing personal between them, but I just figured that they were fine going their separate ways.

Here we are, though, and I've heard there's at least a return game in Philadelphia planned for next season.

It's a happy hour tipoff as part of ESPN's 24-hour college basketball marathon. Georgetown is the better team, but I certainly think the game will be competitive. Can the Owls pull off the upset?

Let's find out.