Game 35: Villanova vs. American

Villanova's Reggie Redding and Dante Cunningham celebrate the Wildcats' comeback win over American, 80-67. (Ron Cortes / Staff photographer)


Because of NCAA-imposed restrictions on liveblogging at NCAA Tournament venues, I am only allowed to post five times each half. As such, once the game starts, I will only write one post during each media timeout and once at halftime.

I will allow you all to comment as much as you want, and I will do so under the assumption that you are watching on TV in addition to participating in the chat. If there are questions, hopefully you can answer them for each other.

During the Atlantic 10 tournament, we were not restricted to the same degree. But the NCAA has a history of kicking reporters out of venues and revoking their credentials for blogging too much at events it operates, and I am not willing to take any risks at this time.

I thank you for your understanding and cooperation.