Game 34: Connecticut vs. Chattanooga at the half

If, for whatever reason, you looked at Connecticut coming into the Wachovia Center as a No. 1 seed and thought they might have a repeat performance of their scare against Albany three years ago, you would be wrong.

Very, very wrong.

The Huskies are obliterating Chattanooga, 48-20, at halftime, and it might have been an even 30 had Mocs guard Jasper Williams not been fouled driving to the basket with 36.2 seconds left in the half.

A.J. Price leads all scorers with 17 points, while Hasheem Thabeet has added 10 points and eight rebounds. Nicchaeus Doaks is Chattanooga's high scorer with six points.

Overall, the Mocs have made only seven of 34 field goal attempts (20.6%), including one of 11 three-pointers (9.09%) and six of 23 two-pointers (26.1%). But they've made five of six free throws (83.3%). They've also recorded three offensive rebounds, 17 defensive rebounds, four assists, eight turnovers, no blocks and two steals, and have committed 14 fouls.

That adds up to 41 possessions and 0.482 points per possession. That is not a misprint.

Connecticut is shooting 16-for-33 from the field (48.5%), including 4-for-13 from three-point range (30.8%) and 12-for-20 from two-point range (60.0%), and is 12-for-23 from the free throw line (52.2%). They've recorded five offensive rebounds, 20 defensive rebounds, 11 assists, five turnovers, three steals and a whopping six blocks, and have committed only six fouls.

That adds up to 42 possessions and 1.125 points per possession. That is 2.334 times as many points per possession as Chattanooga is averaging, which doesn't make sense in English but you get the idea.

Other halftime scores: 10. Maryland leads 7. Cal, 34-31, in Kansas City, and 1. North Carolina leads 16. Radford, 53-34, in Greensboro.


- Penn coach Glen Miller showed up midway through the half and laughed when I said I thought he might be called in as an emergency substitute for Jim Calhoun.

- Chattanooga's band is wearing canary-and-navy tie-dye t-shirts, and its instrument selection includes a large bass drum perched on a stand in the aisle behind the basket. I've het to see anyone play it, though.