Game 33: Texas A&M 42, BYU 30 at halftime

First of all, breaking news: CBS is reporting that Jim Calhoun has been taken to the hospital and will not coach today. I have not heard a cause yet.

As for this game, it has been pretty one-sided. After BYU's Jackson Emery scored the first points of the game from beyond the arc, the Cougars missed their next  six straight field goal attempts. They then got two layups, but followed that with a miss, two turnovers and two more misses.

Meanwhile, A&M kept scoring, pushing its lead to as much as 26-8 with 11:58 left in the half. The Aggies made their first 10 free throw attempts, as well as two free throws.

But the Cougars clawed back, helped by a trio of Jonathan Tavernari three-pointers. They were within 32-24 when Tavernari picked up his second foul with 6:28 left in the half. Tavernari left the game, but came back in with 4:40 left.

Now it's 42-30 A&M at halftime, and the closest BYU ever got was 32-24 with 5:40 left in the half.

So far, the Aggies have shot 17-for-30 from the field (56.7%), including 4-for-11 from three-point range (36.4%) and 13-for-19 from two-point range (68.4%), and a perfect 4-for-4 from the free throw line. Four offensive rebounds, 13 defensive rebounds, 17 total rebounds, 11 assists, three turnovers, four blocks, three steals and six fouls committed.

That adds up to 34 possessions and 1.211 points per possession.

The Cougars shot 11-for-31 from the field (35.5%), including 6-for-9 from three-point range (66.7%) and a mere 5-for-22 from two point range (22.7%), and 2-for-5 from the free throw line (40.0%). Four offensive rebounds, seven defensive rebounds, 11 total rebounds, seven assists, seven turnovers, no blocks, six steals and six fouls committed.

That adds up to 36 possessions and 0.831 points per possession.

Other notes:

- A big "ooh" went up from the crowd when the public address announcer said that Memphis' lead over Cal-State
Northridge was only 26-22 with 7:58 left in the first half.

- The Texas A&M band did not show up untl fewer than 10 minutes remained before tipoff. I thought that wasn't good karma, but evidently it hasn't affected things.

- So far, I have seen apparel from the following schools in the stands: Brigham Young, Texas A&M, Connecticut,
Chattanooga, Villanova, American, Delaware, Syrcause, Temple, Penn State, Cal-Berkeley, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Bucknell and North Carolina.

- Longtime 76ers statistician Harvey Pollack is wearing a heck of an outfit: a lime green blazer with a lighter green shirt under it.