Game 21: Temple 60, Penn 45

Former Penn star Jerome Allen (left) will face his former coach, Fran Dunphy (right), tonight. (File photos)

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Audio is below. Video is in the player. I'm off to do soccer until Sunday, when hopefully I'll be at Georgetown-Villanova.

One thought from me before I call it a night. The announced attendance at the Palestra was 6,383, and the real thing looked reasonably close to that.

But shouldn't a Big 5 game at the Palestra with one team ranked in the Top 25 be sold out, even on a Wednesday?

This doesn't really feel like a basketball game for some reason. Yes, we're at the Palestra, and yes, there are two Big 5 teams facing each other.

But it feels almost more like a family reunion dinner than a sporting event. You have Jerome Allen facing not only Fran Dunphy, but his former college roomate Shawn Trice. And you know Matt Langel has been thinking about this night a lot too.

As of this afternoon, there were still around 1,000 seats available. Judging from the crowd so far, it won't be close to a sellout.

But you know that everyone here will remember that pregame handshake between Allen and Dunphy for a long time.