Friday open thread

WASHINGTON -- I'm spending the day doing the same thing as you: sitting in front of a TV watching as many games as I can.

But since I won't be near a computer most of the time, I'm giving the soapbox to you all for the day. Post your comments on St. Joe's-Oklahoma, Villanova-Clemson or whatever other games and plays catch your eye.

I'll be back late tonight with some thoughts on the local teams, the top five players of the day and the full Saturday schedule.

UPDATE, 3:10 p.m.: Okay, I just had to come back for this -- we have a buzzer-beater! In overtime, no less!

Ty Rogers, double-teamed along the right baseline, somehow hit a perfect three-pointer for Western Kentucky to sink Drake, 101-99. Awesome.

So what if I had Drake in the Sweet 16?

And doesn't today's first session make up almost completely for such a boring first day?