Final Four media day photo gallery

Staff Photographer Eric Mencher is in Detroit and sent back a bunch of great pictures from Ford Field yesterday.

Also, check out this blog post and video by way of Awful Announcing.

You might have seen the promo CBS ran during the Oklahoma-North Carolina game for Jim Nantz's appearance on The Price is Right yesterday, in which one of the Showcase prizes was a trip to this year's Final Four. If you were listening carefully at the time, you heard Nantz admit that the episode was taped a few weeks ago.

But while you might have expected him to be on the game show's set, he actually shot the clip from a Connecticut game at Gampel Pavilion (my guess is the Notre Dame-UConn game on Feb. 28, which CBS broadcast with Nantz at the mic).

Now of course, they didn't know back at the time that the Huskies would actually be in the Final Four. And as you watch the clip, you'll notice that there's no specific reference to any team - just the line "Whether your team is in or out..."

So how much dumb luck is it that UConn actually made it that far? Or do you think they shot more than one of these things?