Closing for the night

That's going to wrap it up for Thursday's blogging. The announced attendance was 23,651, and the announced pageviews on the blog so far today are 1,644.

The latter figure is well above last year's three-day average of 1,500, but I don't remember what last year's attendances were. Still, I'm pretty happy about that.

So I'll see you all back here bright and early tomorrow morning. I've already heard from one reader who's going to be in the house tomorrow. Let me know if you will be too.

I leave you with an email I got from reader Jack McGrath, who came up with this proposition after reading my post about the women's college DMR:

Do you think the Relays would be more interesting/exciting if it was like thoroughbred racing?

In other words, before the big races, you go down to the window and start making bets?

Perhaps the Nova-Michigan-Tenneessee trifecta box in the womens DMR would have had a nice payoff on a $12 bet.

Would never happen given the amateur nature of the event, but it would certainly add to the revenues.

I'm not fond of gambling on college athletics unless I know where the money's going (i.e., NCAA Tournament pools among friends). But I will say that getting Vegas interested more interested in track and field would certainly increase the TV ratings. 

Let's save it for the Olympics, though. Better to leave gambling to the professionals.