Christmas pulls off the upset

During the Temple-Xavier live blog, I noted that I wasn't casting a vote in the Dionte Christmas-Stephen Curry showdown.

But I'm not at all surprised that Christmas got the win, even though it was a narrow one. He was the hometown player and the underdog, and I figured that would get him votes.

So Christmas moves on to face Chicago State's David Holston in the first semifinal, for which voting will start after the Syracuse-Villanova game.


Fantasy HORSE Invitational Game 4

That doesn't give you too much time to cast a ballot in our final first-round matchup, which features Central Florida's Jermaine Taylor and Virginia Commonwealth's Eric Maynor. But since I'll be live-blogging from the Wachovia Center tomorrow I figure this contest will get plenty of attention.

I'm going to keep this post short because it's a Friday night and I should really have more to do in life than blog. So let's get this matchup underway, and I'll talk to you all again at noon tomorrow.