Bracketology and this week's football luncheon

This blog's most famous reader (at least as far as I know), Joe Lunardi, published a season-opening edition of Bracketology this afternoon.

Two Big 5 teams, Temple and Villanova, are in the field of 65, while St. Joe's is the seventh team out.

(Maryland, for the Gary Williams observers among you out there, is the fourth team out, while Syracuse is projected to actually make the field at long last.)

That was the good news; now for the controversy.

The Wildcats are a 6 seed playing Kent State in Dayton, Ohio. That's harsh on the Wildcats, frankly, because in addition to being from Ohio, Kent State could be a serious Cinderella this season.

Making matters worse for 'Nova fans, the Owls are an 11 seed playing Arizona in, of all places, Philadelphia.

It so happens that the Atlantic 10 is the host institution for the Wachovia Center's games this coming March. Technically, the Owls can play there because a conference hosting at a venue does not bar that conference's teams from playing there.

The Owls can play there because St. Joe's is the host institution.

(Thanks to reader boneill for catching my mistake.)

Having said that, the Wildcats are playing the NCAA-allowed maximum three games this season at the Wachovia Center. The Spectrum game does not count in that total, and just to be sure, Lunardi assured me this afternoon that the NCAA does not count the Sports Complex as one entity.

Before we get to today's coaches luncheon, we have more received wisdom from the Worldwide Leader to consider.

Penn and the Ivy League got a surprising shoutout on ESPN's college football podcast today. The Wednesday show each week is a ramble across the sport's landscape with senior writer Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook, and you never quite know where it's going until it gets there.

Today, Maisel and Cook decided to talk about the Ancient Eight title race. Who knows why, but they did.

"The madness [of college football] started in the Ivy League," Cook said, and indeed it did with that Princeton-Rutgers game way back in 1869.

But Cook quickly pivoted to a more traditional view of the conference.

"When you go to an Ivy League game, you know these guys basically should be in that school. and what's happening in college football, we have a lot of kids who get in because they're footblal players. Now the Ivy League will make exceptions. but the college board scores, the SATs, have to be high. So i just get a kick out of it."

Cook then talked about this year's three-way title race between Brown, Harvard and Penn, noting along the way that the Quakers "used to play big-time football."

Then came this zinger:

"Now, people don't even know about the Ivy League for the simple reason that you can't bet on the games. Believe me, if you could bet on the games - they always have a line on the Yale-Harvard game. But they used to be able to bet on Ivy League games and that definitely has hurt them."

Yes, gambling is the answer to the Ancient Eight's problems. Surely there aren't any better ideas out there... oh, never mind.

I guess folks who've followed Cook's work through the decades wouldn't be surprised to hear him talk in such depth about the Ivy league, which has been around for about as long as he has. But giving it five minutes of a half-hour podcast sure surprised me.

I mean, I listen to the show to hear about Alabama and Texas and USC, and I get the Ivy League. Even I get tired of it sometimes, believe it or not.

Hopefully they'll talk about the CAA next week.

West Chester
Last week: Road loss vs. California (Pa.), 47-36
This week: 11/14 vs. Southern Connecticut State, NCAA Division II Playoffs First Round

A warning that Bill Zwaan's remarks below include some profanities early on.

Golden Rams wide receiver Mike Washington became just the third player at any level of NCAA football to record 1,000 receiving yards in four straight seasons on Saturday.  Washington is the first ever Division II player to accomplish the feat, and the previous two players were in Division III.

The fact that nobody at either level of Division I has done it tells you something about just how little time Division I players have to make their case to be in the pros.

Also, I wrote last week that West Chester was playing Mercyhurst, and I did so because I checked instead of my own memory. The schedule was changed to get the PSAC championship matchup, and I knew that was going to happen. I fixed last week's post.

Delaware Valley
Last week: Road win vs. Wilkes, 28-20
This week: 11/15 vs. Albright, 1:00 p.m.

Last week: Road loss vs. Albright, 21-10
This week: 11/15 vs. Wilkes, 1:00 p.m.

Last week: Road loss vs. Muhlenberg, 45-8
This week: 11/15 vs. Dickinson, 1:00 p.m.

Last week: Road loss vs. Montclair State, 30-14
This week: 11/15 at The College of New Jersey, 12:00 p.m.

Last week: Road loss vs. Clarion, 41-20
This week: Season over.

(Lincoln's season is already finished.)