Announcing the announcers

The great sports-on-TV blog Awful Announcing has the CBS pairings for NCAA Tournament broadcasts. Our local teams did pretty well.


Denver (Temple): Gus Johnson and Len Elmore. You might want to have your thumb near the volume button on your remote if Dionte Christmas gets hot.

And though Elmore is almost the polar opposite of Johnson temperamentally, he's one of the best analysts in the game.

Washington: Craig Bolerjack and Bob Wenzel. As USA Today recently noted, Bolerjack replaces James Brown, who called subregionals and the St. Louis regional last year.

Omaha: Kevin Harlan and Dan Bonner.

Anaheim: Dick Enberg or Carter Blackburn and Jay Bilas. It is my understanding that Enberg and Blackburn will call two games each, though I do not know whether they will alternate games or each take one session.

I would think Blackburn gets the second game out there, because it's the the 4:50 p.m. tipoff between Cornell and Stanford. That's the "hole" game that isn't in the main CBS broadcast windows and is only broadcast over the air in the home markets.

It is simulcast nationally on the network formerly known as CSTV, where Blackburn is based. The channel is now called CBS College Sports, which is definitely a mouthful.


Birmingham (St. Joe's): Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery. Also known as the jackpot. Hopefully Raftery will say lots of nice things about the Big 5.

Tampa (Villanova): Tim Brando and Mike Gminski. Brando is more of an ACC/SEC guy, but I really like his style. Gminski played for the 76ers from 1980-1988.

Raleigh: Jim Nantz and Billy Packer. Shocking that they'd go with North Carolina and Georgetown, isn't it

Little Rock: Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel.