An overstuffed Spectacle of the Week

This long weekend is full of really big rivalry games, and I want to know what you think is the best one.

Locally, there's senior day for Temple and Villanova's playoff game against Colgate. I can't go, but if you can, you should. It could be the last playoff football game in the region for a while.

Nationally, there's Bedlam, the Iron Bowl, the Civil War, the Backyard Brawl and Philip Fulmer's last game as Tennessee head coach (with a shoutout to a Twitter friend of mine in Knoxville). There's also an intra-state rivalry game that was created by pressure from politicians back in 1958.

What's the Spectacle of the Week?

  • 21 (38.2%)
  • 4 (7.3%)
  • 2 (3.6%)
  • 3 (5.5%)
  • 4 (7.3%)
  • 2 (3.6%)
  • 1 (1.8%)
  • 2 (3.6%)
  • 11 (20.0%)
  • 5 (9.1%)
  • 55

And people think Barack Obama is trying to influence the BCS.

Have a great weekend, everyone.