A new feature for the new season

With all due respect to one of Barack Obama's stock lines, this blog is about you as much as it's about me.

I know it doesn't always seem that way, especially when I go off the deep end writing about the Ivy League. But in my continuing quest to find new and different ways to tell the story of Big 5 basketball, I've found a tool unlike any I've used before.

Starting today, you can share photos from the college football and basketball games you attend right here on Philly.com. Whether it's at the Palestra, the Linc, or anywhere else in the country, this is your chance to show how you experience life as a fan.

The link to upload photos is here, and will have a permanent place underneath the blog's Facebook and Twitter links.

Once you submit your photos, you'll get a link to the gallery you created that you can send around to your friends.

In addition, all the college sports photos will be combined into one big gallery at this link. Throughout the coming season, I'll use the gallery to pick a Fan Photo of the Week to feature on the blog.

I do have a few two small requests, though. First, if you have photo editing software, my colleagues on the tech team who keep the site running will have much saner lives if you can keep the depth of your photos at a maximum of 410 pixels.

Second, I ask that you keep your photos clean. I'll be checking for obscene and vulgar stuff every once in a while, but if you catch something before I do, please feel free to email me with the URL or the photo's rank in the gallery. All rollouts and other posters are fair game unless there's a clear obscenity used.

(I'm not too worried, though. You all are a classy group of people.)

Finally, I encourage you to note the specific game or event that your pictures are from in the caption fields. That will help me in picking the Fan Photo of the Week.

(Hopefully all that isn't too much to ask.)

To get this thing started, I uploaded a few photos of the Palestra renovations this summer to the gallery.

Now it's your turn.