The Schuylkill 16 2010-11: Week 14

I had a feeling this might happen, but I'm still surprised that it happened this way.

Because one voter ranked Villanova 16th on his ballot, the Wildcats fell out of the top spot in this week's ranking. Temple, which got only two first-place votes, is the new No. 1.

Here's how it all played out:

1. Temple, 23 points (2 first-place votes, 9 second-place votes, 1 third-place vote)
- "Temple can't get any credit in the ESPN/USA Today poll. They'll get it here!" (Zach Ceitlin)

Just keep in mind who votes in that poll.

2. Villanova, 31 points (8 first-place votes, 2 second-place votes, 1 third-place vote, 1 last-place vote)
- "Villanova had one of the worst weeks imaginable for a team that was supposed to be a Final Four contender, so I voted them last. Before anyone accuses me of going all Catrambone on my alma mater, remember this: when I vote Penn State dead-last, they always upset someone." (Brian Ewart)
- "Apparently, it is easier to drive up the N.J. Turnpike to NYC than it is easier for Nova to sweep Rutgers and Seton Hall." (Dan Loney)

3. Princeton, 50 points (1 first-place vote)
- "The Tigers are No. 1 in the Ivy right now, and I'll do just about anything to avoid voting giving Temple my first-place vote. CONGRATS!" (Brian Ewart)
- "It is very hard to go unbeaten in the Ivy. Give credit to Princeton for getting half way there." Dan Loney)

4. Penn State, 58 points
- "Talor Battle is a beast at Penn State. Too bad he didn't choose to go to a school that gave a [bleep] about men's basketball, and is in love with the great-grandfather of college football. Way to go, Talor." (Ralph Manoppello)

5. Rutgers, 61 points (1 first-place vote)
- "Beating Villanova was more a product of the Wildcats' falling ill with a case of spaz-osis than any showing of talent or skill." (Brian Ewart)

For the record, Brian is not the voter who ranked Rutgers No. 1.

- "No props to Rutgers for that gift whistle with :08 left to play. Let the teams win or lose on their own without unforgivable calls. Swallow the stinkin' whistle, dude." (Ralph Manoppello)

Also for the record, that contact was a foul. I can understand fans complaning about a late whistle, but even some of the Villanova fans I've heard from admitted it was a foul.

And as I've said about Villanova, Penn, and all the other teams I cover, a game like that doesn't have to come down to a referee's whistle. Make shots, play defense, win the game without any controversy.

6. Drexel, 63 points

7. Bucknell, 88 points

8. La Salle, 104 points

9. Penn, 109 points
- "Good thing Penn doesn't have scholarships. One more overtime game and they might have to start paying the kids extra." (Jeff Shafer)

10. Rider, 115 points

11. Lehigh, 133 points

12. Delaware, 135 points

13. Lafayette, 152 points

14. Saint Joseph's, 160 points
- "Saint Joseph's won again. I heard Fordham started the Seven Blocks of Granite. They blew a big lead." (Patrick Flannery)

Or the seven blocks of whatever the IZOD Center is built out of.

- "LANG GALLOWAY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Back to Back A-10 Rookie of the week??? Move over Harrison Barnes... move ova. Langston Hughes- I mean Langston Galloway is writing sophisticated poetry on the hardwood right now. GEAUX HAWKS." (Carl Minniti)

I guess they speak creole on City Avenue these days. Who knew?

15. Monmouth, 176 points

16. Delaware State, 177 points

Write-in candidates

1. Lenny Martelli
- "This is why I love sports. Truly a special story." (Patrick Flannery)

If you haven't read the articles about Lenny and Phil Martelli yet, the Inquirer piece is here and the Daily News piece is here.

2. Wisconsin
- "Home-grown coaching by Bo Ryan. Nice win over Ohio State." (Patrick Flannery)

I put this out there on Twitter over the weekend: is Ryan the best Philly-area native college coach in the country? That's a topic worth discussing.

Comment of the week from Stephen Goldsmith

The Cleveland Cavaliers deserve a shout-out for winning a game. Why not give them one in the Schuylkill 16?

It would have been even better if the losing streak had made it to Sunday's game against the Wizards, who had not yet won a road game at that point. That would have been one of the great matchups of the season. I might even have watched it. But alas.