Real real estate

Hmmm, do you need to check with staff to know how many houses you own? Because that's precisely the answer John McCain gave a reporter.

This would be an uh-oh, send-the-staff-into-overtime moment in so many ways.

First, if you don't know how many houses you own -- one might be the answer for many Americans, none for others -- then perhaps you're not quite as in touch with the electorate as you thought you were. Bill Clinton didn't even own a house when he ran for president.

Two, responding to that question by saying "I'll have to check with my staff" is also somewhat out of touch.

Most of us don't have staff, unless we want to include children (debatable as helpers) or a dog that cleans the floor. 

It's four, reports the Politico.  No, it's seven, Newsweek states. Check out this search of properties on the Mother Jones website:

Which makes it understandable by McCain didn't want to give reporters any straight talk.

This, by the way, is the man who recently defined rich as someone who has $5 million.

Obama's Pennsylvania campaign team sent volunteers today to Philadelphia's Love Park to ask citizens if they know how many homes they own. (Hmm, might get a higher number a few blocks south and west in Rittenhouse Square.)