No True Dat

Omar was robbed.

Emmy nominations were announced this morning. While we love Mad Men, 30 Rock, Entourage and The Office, which all received multiple nods along with our love object Jon Stewart, HBO's stunning The Wire was once again overlooked. While the fifth and final season, which centered on newspapers and featured several congenital liars, wasn't the strongest in terms of affecting plots, the acting was astounding. Prop Joe, Bubbles, Bunc Moreland, Clay Davis. One of the most indelible performances was delivered by Michael K. Williams as Omar Little, a complex avenging angel of the street. "True dat" entered into the lexicon. When Mayor Nutter hosting a finale screening party, nine actors attended. Williams was, by far, the phenomenon of the evening. 

Sometimes it seems like members of  the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences aren't watching the same television we are.