Could Be Worse

Sure, you could look at this as Pennsylvania's Indictment Summer where almost every other week a city or state legislator, or a staff member or several, face state or federal charges for less-than-legal business.

But, hey, at least our mayor isn't spending this August night in the hoosegow.

This fate belongs solely to Detroit's embattled mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick, who is married, is fighting perjury and other felony charges, some stemming from alleged fibs told about text messages to his former chief of staff and paramour. The subject of those messages ranged from the dismissal of a whistle-blower, the heart of the perjury and felony charges, to their emotional and physical affection for one another to the latest developments on American Idol.

Facing trial and per terms of his bond, Kilpatrick was instructed not to leave the Michigan..

Which he did on July 23.

Actually, he left the country.

For the exotic shores of Windsor, Ontario across the Detroit River.

It was official business, Kilpatrick explained, having to do with selling Detroit's part of the tunnel between the two neighboring cities. He apologized, apparently believing this would spare him further penalities from the court, going so far as to bring his young sons to court so they could see their father admit he was wrong.

It was an emergeny, Kilpatrick's lawyer argued.

"Who was dying?" Michigan District Judge Ronald Giles asked.

"The City of Detroit was sick," Kilpatrick's lawyer argued.

The judge did not care.

"If it was not Kwame Kilpatrick sitting in that seat — if it was John Six-Pack sitting in the seat — what would I do?”  Giles asked. “And the answer is simple.”

Kilpatrick's lawyers immediately appealed the ruling to a circuit judge.

Who is scheduled to hear the case Friday morning.

Which is how Detroit's mayor has come to secure lodging tonight in the Wayne County jail.