A Fourth of Fun

And, now, another wretched idea....the staycation.

That’s this summer’s buzz word for not doing anything due to high gas prices, recession, the misery of air travel, the housing slump, the market slump, the Bush slump, the interminable campaign, a loose hangnail and whatever other excuse people can conjure for doing nothing but sitting around for days.

 Life’s too short. The summer’s too long. The calendar kindly gives us a long weekend this year with the Fourth falling on a Friday. Complaining about gas prices is becoming a cliché and a not-altogether believable one given the number of vehicles still clogging the nation’s highways.

For example, if you drive a sensible, non-Hummer vehicle, you can get to the Jersey Shore, the Eastern Shore, the mountains or a place not ressembling home for less than a tank of gas. In a sensible sedan, you can drive to the wonderful beaches of Delaware from Philadelphia for a quarter of a tank of gas, about $15.

So what’s with all the complaining?

If you take a staycation, are you really staying home to paint the bathroom and weed?

There are ways to deal with the economy and still have fun.
Let us know what you’re doing for the holiday weekend or the weeks to come to stay happy, keep summer summer, and avoid house work, which sounds like no vacation at all.