SATC's Closet Envy

So, we saw the most important movie made since Citizen Kane yesterday. We refer, specifically, to Sex and the City. We saw it in the city. We've been asked, twice, not to reveal major plot points.

However, we can report that the single most gaspable moment of the movie involved a closet. I mean, people moaned in asonishment. It was pure porn.

Blog Image 319842 - Heller

This is New York, afterall, where real estate is power and money and sex and, well, everything. The closet in question is roughly the size of good-sized Manhattan studio apartment. On Fifth Avenue, no less. It's a million-dollar closet. And that's empty. Imagine it's worth filled with so many Blahniks.

We can also reveal that one of SATC's most moving moments, one that brought sighs from the audience, involved a Louis Vuitton Richard Prince Motarde Frame bag, which retails for $4,080.

How can Orson Welles compete with that?

The image here, by the way, is of Sarah Jessica Parker at the London premiere Monday. The hat is by British milliner Philip Treacy and includes two Monarch butterflies. We likey, as SJP might say, but pity the person who sat behind her.