Words of inspiration at Cheyney University

Inquirer staff writer Sue Snyder reports:

At Cheyney University in Chester County,  student government president George Bush was among the 200 students and faculty in the Marcus Foster Students Center at the historically black college watching Obama take his oath of office.

While many around him applauded, waved flags and screamed in celebration, Bush sat silently, his hands folded, his eyes transfixed on the screen.  “I don’t have many timeless moments but this is one of them," he said. "It feels like a movie that you’re in.”

Bush, 22, a senior psychology major from Philadelphia, decided that his place was there, watching Obama become the first African-American president.  He had considered missing the event to go through the dorms to get others to show up.

“I can’t be getting everybody out of bed,” said Bush.

Sitting behind him, Porschea McIntosh, 22, a senior from Maryland, had tears in her eyes as Obama prepared to take the oath.

“I’m about to cry. I’m a senior. I’m seeing this. Oh my God.”

When she graduates, McIntosh., also a psychology major, said she hopes to work for the Obama administration as a child advocate.

After listening to Obama’s speech, Bush said the new president inspired him to become a more active student government president at Cheyney. “I feel like it’s a new day. There’s a lot more I can do here.”

And he’s well enough known around campus that his name is no longer a brunt of jokes. “I’m just cool about it.”

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