Friday, October 9, 2015

Where's Hillary? Obama all over television

One reason Obama is climbing in the polls is that he is airing far more television ads than Clinton.

Where's Hillary? Obama all over television

Will Bunch reports:

TV watchers all over Pennsylvania are seeing more Obama ads than the Geico cavemen, the Bud Light "Dude," or Apple's "Mac" and "PC" combined.

Political experts say that the cash-rich Obama campaign has shattered records for spending money on TV ads in Pennsylvania, especially on a per-week basis.

He has spent $6 million, roughtly triple Clinton's ad buy.

And, he has aired a whopping 100,000 TV commercials from coast-to-coast, five times as many as John Kerry aired in winning the 2004 nomination. (Clinton has run 60,000.)

You can read his entire Daily News article here:

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