Here's Hil on Iraq

Thomas Fitzgerald reports from Aliquippa, Pa.:

10:59 a.m.

 Clinton says that General Petraeus never answered the key question yesterday: When could American forces wind down in Iraq, given the lack of political progress in the country?

Bush should answer it in tomorrow's speech on the war, she says, asking, "What is our end-game in Iraq?" She also demands that Bush pledge Congress will be able to review and vote on any security agreement he negotiates with the Iraqi government. Testimony at the senate Armed Services Comittee yesterday indicated there would be no such review.

"I am calling on President Bush to stop playing games by negotiating a long-term security pact with Iraq that will sadd the next president with his failed policies."

 10:35 am

Hillary is here. A student sang the National Anthem, and there was a pledge of allegiance.

"My reasons for supporting the senator are very clear. At 3 a.m. when that phone goes off at the white house, I want Sen. Clinotn answering the phone," says the Monroeville mayor. He also uses the "day one" phrase.,


10:28 a

The flags are neatly pressed and starched, but the stage is empty, as the Hillary Clinton campaign pads the crowd at Hopewell High School with students, and finds seats for late-arriving townsfolk.

She is due to have a "Solutions for a Strong Military" event with some retired military officers, capitalizing on yesterday's war-in-Iraq hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee. The event was added quickly to her schedule, and with the kids, there's a sizable crowd of about 1,000 in the school auditorium.