Trouble in the 19th Ward

PA Primary Team reports:

Updated throughout: The Daily News' Regina Medina is at the 19th Ward, 18th division right now -- that's at 4th and York -- watching something that's apparently happened a couple of times today in that part of town:

A skirmish at the polls. This was was described as "posing and shouting," but others say the police have been called to the area a couple of times so far today.

Some of the trouble may have been prompted by a silver SUV equipped with a sound system that was LOUDLY broadcasting pro-Hillary, pro-Rep. Angel Cruz slogans in English and Spanish. Several witnesses told Regina that Cruz himself was in the car, and even got out on the corner. (This territory, by the way, is loyal to now-jailed Cruz political foe Carlos Matos.)

By the time police responded to this latest event, the SUV had gone.

Also today -- and seemingly unrelated -- a poll watcher was arrested at that location, a poll worker told Regina.

We'll update as we know more.