Too cold for Ambler family; hotel beckons

Inquirer staff writer Zoe Tillman reports:

2:07 p.m.

Paul Coyle, 61, from Ambler, drove in with his family on Saturday. After several hours standing in the cold near the Washington Monument, he and his family headed back to their hotel to watch the parade on TV.
“We’re going to quit while we’re ahead,” he said.

Coyle called President Obama’s inaugural address “heartfelt and inspiring.”
Unlike many others, Coyle was able to find cell phone service to call friends and family. “I called a brother in Colorado but he didn’t believe we were here,” he said.

Coyle and his family plan to bring home plenty of souvenirs.
The mall is lined with vendors selling Obama T-shirts, bracelets, buttons and posters. Many were also doing a brisk business in American flags and hand warmers.

“Selling gets me engaged. I feel like I’m more a part of it,” said Todd Georgelas, 36, who was selling handwarmers

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