The celebration on Broad Street continues

Melissa Dribben writes:

I’m at Broad and Walnut Streets. People are walking through the street randomly walking up tp cars and high-fiving people. Total strangers are hugging each other.



I just saw a middle-aged white man walk up a car. A black man got out and the two of them were dancing around in the street.



Men are pulling off their shirts and walking up the street, just jubilant. It’s just complete euphoria.



A lot of 20-somethings are on bikes. There are signs hanging out windows.



Women and men are banging cooking pots with spoons. A pickup truck just went by with young people hanging out the back and out of one window.



People are chanting: “Obama, Obama, Obama.”



Michael J. Harris, 24, resident coordinator at the University of the Arts said: “I feel like I’ve experienced history.” He said he texted his mother, who was working the night shift as an EMT in

New Jersey

. “It’s important for people to note that just because Obama won doesn’t mean we can rest. The American people have to work just as hard as he will to make the country better.”



Susan Martin, a 60-year-old legal assistant who lives in center city, stood on the corner in tears watching the scene. “I am just so relieved,” she said “Nothing’s going to change overnight, but now there’s hope. Is it really possible that we have a really intelligent, positive mayor, we won the World Series, and now Obama will be our president?”.”




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