Steady flow of voters near Temple, not so much further east


Jennifer Lin reports:

2 p.m.

At 10th and Oxford Streets near the Temple University campus, the flow of voters never let up all day. By early afternoon more than 100 people waited to vote at the Dendy Recreation Center.

The corner had a party feel. Obama volunteers, some from Delaware, held a big campaign sign and cheered to passing cars. Campaign workers passed out cookies, chocolate bars and snacks to people in the back of the snaking line.

“We’re feeding everyone,” said Sarah Kodish-Eskind, 22, a Temple art student, handing out candy. But she added quickly, “But we’re staying 10 feet away from polls” per election rules.

Howard, 80, and Doris, 70, Oles have lived in this North Philadelphia neighborhood for more than 40 years. They stood at the back of the line, surrounded by much younger voters.
Is it always like this? “No, no, no, no!” said Doris.

The ranks of young voters, she said, has been growing. Added Howard, “I’m just glad they’re out there voting.”
The polling station – 20th ward, 3rd division – had four voting machine to accommodate all the voters. Ida Haley, the election judge at the station for the past 25 years, said the machines were holding up and there were only nine provisional ballots. She said the polling station has 1,920 registered voters – one of the highest in the city.

North of the Dendy polling place, the scene at the Mario de los Santos Health Center near Fifth Street and Allegheny Avenue was far different. Two volunteers and an election judge had a second-floor room with two voting machines all to themselves at 1:45 p.m.

Margaret DeLeo, the election judge, said it was a lull before the end-of-day storm. Turn-out was good, she said. Of 546 registered voters, 136 people had turned out to vote. “It comes in spurts,” DeLeo said.


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