Clinton 55%, Obama 45%, but stay tuned

PA Primary Team reports:

Updated: So, at 2:10 a.m., it's Clinton with 55 percent of the PA vote, Obama with 45 percent. At last count she's picked up 66 delegates and he's picked up 57. The divvying up of the rest of the state's 158 delegates hasn't been reported yet.


We'd like to send a huge THANKS to the frequent readers and commenters who have made this blog come alive during the 2008 Pennsylvania primary election. Your thoughts, your political statements, your challenges -- hey, even the links to partisan YouTube videos -- it all made for an active and helpful discussion.

Are we going away now? Heck, no.

We will continue to cover the 2008 elections through November. Perhaps we won't hit you with as many posts as we did today, or this week, but please stay tuned to the blog for the latest -- and we love news tips in the comments...

And thanks again, folks. We're going to get some sleep.