Statewide race wrap-up

PA Primary Team reports:

Here are the winners tonight from state House and Senate races:

1st Senate District: With 96.5% of the vote counted, FARNESE, 43%, beats Dougherty, 38% and Dicker 19%.

172nd House District: With 100% of the vote in, COSTELLO, 57%, over Kearney, 43%.

179th House District: With 100% of the vote in, PAYTON, 61%, beats Lewis, 39%.

180th House District: With 93% of the vote counted, CRUZ, 55%, leads Ramos, 45%.

182nd House District: With 98% of the vote in, JOSEPHS, 60%, easily bests Banaszek, 25%, and Gormley, 14%.

184th House District: (As previously reported) KELLER, 60%, beat DiCicco, 40%.

186th House District: With 96% of the vote in, JOHNSON, 65%, defeats James, 35%.

198th House District: With 97% of the vote counted, YOUNGBLOOD, 56% over Davis, 44%.