Sestak arrives at Clinton party

Joelle Farrell reports:

 6:40 p.m.

Superdelegate and U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak said he will support Clinton as long as she wins as much of the popular vote as Obama -- or is at least close.

"As long as there's still credibility," he told reporters waiting for Clinton to arrive. "I still believe she's the best for this nation."

Sestak expects Clinton to win by at least 5 percent tonight, but hopes she manages a victory margin greater than 6 percent.

Asked whether he would continue to support Clinton if she won only narrowly or lost here, he said he could only support her if her candidacy remains viable. 

Sestak started his day in his district in Edgemont, where he went to vote at 6:35 a.m. and found himself second in line. An hour later, there were 25 people in line, he said.

Sestak, a former three-star Navy admiral, has been a fan of Clinton's since he served on President Clinton's National Security Council. But in the last few weeks, he's watched her winning people over one at a time, he said.

"She's going to do well here, you know why?" he said. "It's all about retail politics. They had her knocking on doors in Upper Darby."

Sestak met up with Chelsea Clinton this morning at the Court Diner in Media, where they shook hands with people eating breakfast. He then headed to Conshohocken, where Sen. Clinton made her only public appearance so far today.

Asked about his role at the event tonight, Sestak joked, "I'm freshman Congressman Joe Sestak . . . I'll probably be in the back row somewhere."