Pennsylvania: McCain's not giving up


It's happened several times in the past week, whenever the McCain campaign brings a candidate or a spouse to Pennsylvania to campaign. A member of the traveling press corps will come up to me and ask: "Why do they keep coming back here?" After all the polls, show Barack Obama leading John McCain in Pennsylvania by an average of 13 points. So the question is basically: "Isn't the state a lost cause?"

Maybe. It's hard to imagine a candidate making up the kind of deficit McCain faces here. And it's hard to compete with the resources Obama has been pouring into Pennsylvania, in terms of television commercials, staff and campaign offices. But the McCain campaign, which is trailing in every blue state on the national map, shows no sign of pulling the plug in Pennsylvania -- as it did in Michigan, a blue state with similar demographics for which it once had high hopes.

Cindy McCain is spending all of today in the Philadelphia area, accompanied by Arlen Specter, Rudy Giuliani, and the wives of a number of prominent Republican officeholders. (We'll have a report on her first event, at the National Constitution Center, later this morning.) John McCain is coming tomorrow, with stops in Bensalem in the morning, Harrisburg at mid-day, and suburban Pittsburgh in late afternoon.

Doesn't sound like a campaign getting ready to abandon a state. But you never know.


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