Obamas do it right: 'whiz with'

Tom Infield reports:

2 pm

Obama, his wife Michelle and their entourage of Secret Service agents, aides and news media arrived at Pat’s King of Steaks at 9th and Wharton Streets in South Philadelphia , an iconic location for out of town politicians to meet and great real Philadelphians

He worked his way through the crowd to the counter, where he ordered twocheese steaks- with onions.  “Whiz with,” his wife chimed in.

(History: John Kerry infamously ordered his cheesesteak with Swiss.)

The couple sat down with a startled Charles McDermot, of Roxborough and his daughter Ariel, 16. Obama had to fold his long frame to get under a bolted down red plastic bench, at a bolted down red plastic table, underneath the sidewalk overhang.

With the throng of cameras leaning over their shoulders, Obama and his wife tried to talk to their lunch companions. “We don't want to have Cheese Whiz dripping from our mouths,” Obama was heard saying at one point.

He ate all of the sandwich, then dipped into some French fries, and opened a bottle of water. After taking a sip, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Do I have cheese steak in my teeth," he asked McDermot, who was wearing a "World's Best Dad" t-shirt.

McDermot, who manages a restaurant, said they had talked about the “economy, a little bit about the gas crisis, and the war.”

Of Obama, he said he hadn't’t yet voted, but planned to later today. “I hope he gets it…but I think its an uphill climb.”

Obama then got back in their motorcade, and headed for the Major League Barber shop in West Philadelphia.