Obamania Gone Too Far?

Patrick Kerkstra reports:

The polls might have Clinton in the lead, but there's little question that Obama has his share of, well, let's call them highly committed supporters in Pennsylvania.

Which lucky one will get his leftover waffles?

That's right. Obama's leftover waffles and half a sausage from a recent breakfast at a Scranton diner are for sale on e-Bay. The seller is throwing in the plate and cutlery he used as well: "GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC, HIS DNA IS ON THE SILVERWARE."

Not that the seller supports Obama. "ALL PROCEEDS GO TO HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT!!!!  HAHA"

We hope this is a joke, and maybe it is. In any event, the breakfast scraps purporting to have touched Obama's lips have already received 12 bids. The current bid is $15.10.

Hat tip, Scranton Times-Tribune.