Obama warns of overconfidence; Pa. polls still show Obama lead


By 2012 all campaigning may be done by video. Evidence? Here's a video communication from Obama to his supporters warning them of overconfidence.

Keep an eye on the guy on the bike.

The polls in Pennsylvania are showing no consistent trend - other than an Obama advantage - despite the intensive attention being paid to voters by McCain and Palin.

For the past week, Obama has held a lead marked by its fluctuation from 4 percent to 14 percent. One piece of evidence that may indicate some gains by McCain is that the latest poll, by NBC/Mason Dixon and in the field on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28, gives Obama the 4 point lead.

But a Marist poll, done the 26th and 27th gives Obama a 14 point lead.

Those fluctuations explain why McCain has hope, and Obama is releasing videos like the one above. The average of all recent polls gives Obama a 9.5 percent lead.

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