Obama and the stages of damage control

Here's Obama's Sunday explanation of his San Francisco foot-in-mouth moment. A video link is below.

First he apologizes:

 "Now, I am the first to admit that some of the words I chose, I chose badly.  Because, as my wife reminds me, I am not perfect.  She reminds of this frequently and events often remind me as well.  So I am not a perfect man and the words I chose, I chose badly.  They were subject to misinterpretation.  They were subject to be twisted and I regret that.  I regret that deeply."

Then says he is actually right:

"And what really burns me up is when people suggest that me saying that folks are mad, they are angry, they are bitter after 25, 30 years of seeing jobs shipped out, pensions not fulfilled, healthcare lost, the notion that people are surprised and are suggesting that I’m out of touch because I spoke honestly about people’s frustrations."

Then he attacks his opponent:

"Shame on her. Shame on her. She knows better. She is running around talking about how this is an insult to sportsmen. She, how she values the second amendment, she’s talking like she is Annie Oakley."

Then he goes positive, sort of:

"We don’t need to try to mangle somebody else’s words or score cheap political points.  What we need to do is come together and actually solve problems because the problems out there are big."