New poll: Obama cuts deeper into Clinton's lead

PA Primary Team reports:

A new Daily News/Franklin & Marshall Poll shows that Obama continues to cut into Clinton's lead in Pennsylvania - though the New York Senator still clings to her lead.

Read the story here; read full poll results here.

Interestingly, the poll was taken just as news began to break about Obama's comment that pro-gun, religious voters were "bitter" about the economy. It's not fully reflected in this poll.

Also, some interesting demographic points made by the pollsters, Dr. G. Terry Madonna, Berwood
Yost and Jennifer Harding:

*About eight percent of voters are undecided.

*Clinton is up 10 points among women; men are split.

*"Clinton also continues to do well among older voters, less educated voters, and Catholics. Obama leads among younger voters, those with a college degree, and non-whites."

*"Clinton leads throughout Western Pennsylvania, while Obama tends to fair better in the eastern half of the state, particularly in the Southeast."

Oh, and the margin of error? Says the pollsters:

"The sample error for the entire sample is +/- 4.2 percent. Among the 367 likely Democratic voters, the sample error is slightly larger (+/- 5.1 percent)."