New Pennsylvania Polls; Clinton edges up

Larry Eichel reports...

We've all been wondering how Barack Obama's comments about small-town Pennsylvania would affect the horse race heading inton the primary next Tuesday.

The first polls are in, and the results are mixed -- although certainly not favorable for Obama.

Rasmussen has Clinton up 50-41 in a poll taken Monday. She had been up 48-43 last Monday. So a slight shift to Clinton there.

Quinnipiac has Clinton up 50-44 in a poll taken April 9 through April 13. Those numbers are identical to what Quinnipiac found a week earlier. Part of the new poll was taken before the controversy started and part after. But the pollsters say there was no indication of any shift in the later part of the polling.

American Research Group, which put out its poll Monday, showed the most dramatic change. That poll had the race even, 45-45, a week ago. But the new results had Clinton up 57-37. That would be a huge shift, one that strains credulity.